The SEED is focused on big changes in our food system, health system, and communities.

Social Enterprise

We have lots of work to do and can't rely only on government policies to get it all done. That's why we focus on creating food-based social enterprises to improve healthy food access for everyone. 

We are creating enterprises for everyone to work together to create a food system that is more fair. Let's change the broken food system by creating a new one together.

Some of our social enterprises include the Upcycle Kitchen and the Community Food Markets.

Food & Healthcare

Ever wonder why the simple rule of "Let Food Be Thy Medicine" isn't a foundation of our healthcare system? We wondered about that too.

We are housed at the Guelph Community Health Centre, and one of our core goals is to put good food where it belongs - in healthcare. We work to develop programs and advocate for policies for food to be treated as a serious component of our health system.

Some of our integrated food and healthcare programs include Fresh Food Rx and Community Kitchen programming.

Here's what it
looks like:

Policy Change

It's no secret that we need government intervention in order for everyone to have access to good food. We work closely with partners and policy makers to advocate for better income and support for food insecure community members.

You can read the policy responses that we have written here:

  • The SEED's response to the provincial government's food strategy

Or you can check out our blog for up to date policy work we are doing!

Youth Employment

Through our social enterprises and programs, we provide training and employment for youth who are our of work and out of school. This changes the trajectory of these youth.

We work closely with other employment agencies and organizations (including Everdale, Lutherwood and the County of Wellington) to make sure the youth are well supported to succeed.


Another great reason to shop at our social enterprises! You can learn more about our Good Food Work Experience program here. 

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We humbly acknowledge that we reside and work on the ancestral and treaty lands of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation of the Anishnawbek Peoples.